About Us

Lilbontre: Crafting Comfort & Style for Your Little Ones!

We are Mythili and Anu, mothers/ sisters from Tirupur and cofounders of the brand ‘Lilbontre’ which means little children .

Run by Two Dedicated Mothers Lilbontre is more than just a brand—it's a labor of love. As manufacturers and designers of premium quality knitted cotton clothing, we cater to preemies up to 3 years old. Our focus? Bringing everyday comfort for babies with a delightful touch of style. From cozy rompers to adorable outfits, Lilbontre ensures your little one feels snug and looks charming every day."

What was the initial spark or idea that led to the creation of your brand?

Initially, we were searching for something that excited us, something to start for ourselves. I was pregnant with my first child at that time, and my sister went shopping for my baby. We weren't satisfied with anything. Why, you ask? Coming from the textile industry, we have always had access to premium-quality clothes. That's when we got a spark to start a clothing brand for babies with our organic knitted cotton fabrics and we are in Love

Seeing the little ones rocking our clothes, getting recognized for our brand, customers returning for round two with their second bundle of joy, and receiving all those heartwarming reviews – every little thing is like a happy dance for us
Balancing motherhood and work is no easy feat! I'm still navigating that challenge, but it's all part of the learning curve. I couldn't have come this far without the immense support from my family; they make it all possible.

Mythili's expertise in production and design ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and style. Meanwhile, Anu's dedication to marketing and customer service guarantees that our brand connects with our customers in meaningful ways. Together, their complementary skills form the backbone of our business, allowing us to thrive in a competitive market. And yes, having clearly defined roles definitely keeps us grounded and, most importantly, sane! (hehe)

No matter what comes our way, we just love what we do, and that's never changing .

Our mission is simple: to Provide everyday comfort for babies with a dash of style. We're passionate about raising awareness about the various fabric structures available in cotton, ensuring that your little one enjoys the utmost comfort in every outfit they wear.